Today, March 26th, the Gávea Photography Prize initiates the compliance of its awarding, remembering that are two winners:

  Marlos Bakker winner of  Photo Book Publishing  Program

About to be printed by Gráfica Ipsis (SP), the photo book project of the author Marlos Bakker (RJ), poetically relates the social scene of the neighborhood between a luxury recent built community and a traditional residential village, separated by a wall. The referred photographic essay, entitled “05007-002 05005-060” searches to dialogue, confuse and conciliate the environments and its inhabitants. The book will present, approximately, sixty squared images in black and white, together with concerning keywords. The graphical project is signed by Bloco Gráfico, with text of Gal Neves and seal of Editora Madalena publising company. 

The Gávea Photography Prize has the purpose, through the Publishing of Photo Book Program, of providing to the winning artist total freedom to develop an unprecedented project, within a preset budgetary goal.

Shinji Nagabe winner of Photographic Immersion Program in Alagoas

The artist Shinji Nagabe (PR) goes to Macéio accompanied by the curator Marcelo Campos (RJ) for a itinerary of ten days ranging 750 km from North to South of estate of Alagoas.

The Gávea Prize of Photography has the purpose, through the dialogue between artist and tutor, in site, and simultaneously to Shinji´s field work, of developing an unprecedented and enriching experience.


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