THE WALLS Taking the neighbourhood as a meeting of differences, and the disagreement as a failure in meeting between fellow creatures, Lula Buarque´s video installation and Marlos Bakker´s photographs exercise, through different languages, glances that postulate issues. The works of both artists, exhibited in the context of this exhibition composed by two solo ones, investigate the polarization in the search of subjectivities from the ones who conform this complex social system transformed into a battlefield. Carried out in the exhibitive rooms of the ground and basement floors, both artistic occupations, having the walls as focus, dwell on issues that cross the architecture and urbanism fields to reach the political context in which we inhabit today. This conversation happens by the conjunction of two groups of images, that represent a dialogic visualization whose intention is to collaborate for the magnifying of the debate on art possibilities as dynamics capable of elucidating our present time. In the Brazilian contemporary scene, there is an urgent call for building dialogue interfaces, on the contrary of war trenches raising: the absence of public, convergent and balanced debate, has generated disinformation only. Isolated by fences and drifted away by grids, the utopian architecture of the state of social welfare makes way to dystopic urbanisms, whose foundations structuralize the segregation that dates back to the flagrant colonial origin of this ominous political overview. The wall stablished on iron and fire in the Esplanada dos Ministérios is a symbolic landmark, from which it is necessary to recast the public space and common good notions, aiming that freedom of speech differs frontally from hate speech – ascendant practice whose causal unfolding, as confirmed by the historical perspective, is the ascension of fascism. In times of post-truth and fake news, once more, it is necessary to stick wall (an unique; and it, yes, stony) between society and extremism. Leno Veras